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There are a lot of reasons you may have for wanting to take a TOEFL preparation course.

Online TOEFL Coaching

Best Online TOEFL Coaching: TEEdOnline's online TOEFL preparation is a course that gives you everything you need to get a top notch TOEFL score. From targeted practice, test taking strategies, to full length tests, our TOEFL online prep course, TOEFL Online Coaching, TOEFL Online Classes, Training has everything covered.
TEEdOnline's goal is to help students reach their full potential and maximize their TOEFL scores with life changing impact.


Test Of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL™) is a standardized test that assesses the English proficiency of applicants, whose native language is not English. It tests the ability to understand American English. Most educational institutes in US and Canada more than 4500 ask applicants for their TOEFL™ Scores. Most applicants take the TOEFL™ test as a prerequisite for admission into colleges and universities where English is used or required. In addition, there are many government, licensing, and certification agencies and exchange and scholarship programs use TOEFL™ scores to evaluate the English proficiency of people whose native language is not English.
The TOEFL™ Internet-based Test (TOEFL™ iBT) tests all four language skills that are important for effective communication: Speaking, Listening, Reading, and Writing. The structure of the TOEFL™ iBT is as follows:

Reading (60-100 min) (36-70 questions) (0-30 scoring scale)

3-5 passages from academic texts; approx 700 word long with 12-14 questions per passage.

Listening (60-90 min) (34-51 questions) (0-30 scoring scale)

4-6 lectures each 3-5 min long; 6 question each.

2-3 conversation, each 3 minutes long; 5 questions each.

Speaking (20 min) (6 tasks) (0-4 points converted to 0-30 scoring scale)

2 tasks to express an opinion on a topic; 4 tasks to speak based on what is read and listened to.

Writing (50 min) (2 tasks) (0-5 points converted to 0-30 scoring scale)

1 task to write based on what is read or listened to; 1 task to support an opinion on a topic.

The US-based "Educational Testing Service" (ETS), develops and administers the TOEFL™. ETS is responsible for setting questions, conducting the test and sending score reports to each examinee. For detailed information about TOEFL, please refer to the official website of TOEFL™

Course Description

AN INNOVATIVE PROGRAM DESIGNED WITH ONE GOAL IN MIND — YOUR SUCCESS ON THE TOEFL IBT. Whether you are pursuing a post-graduate degree such as an LLM, MBA or MA, an undergraduate program in an English-speaking university or a professional licensure in affiliation with the FPGEE, NCLEX or NAPLEX; if you require a strong TOEFL iBT score, this course is for you.

Why this course

Simulated TOEFL iBT tests and hundreds of videos of tutorials and answer explanations will help you maximize your score! Watch the tutorials, practice with realistic TOEFL iBT material, check your answers via video answer keys and meet with your tutor to ask any specific questions on any issue you may have.

» Unlimited access to Online Material with over fifty hours of practice material including eight full-length practice tests with answers/explanations for six months.

» Unlimited access to our video lecture series, which gives you an overview and strategies for every question type and section of the TOEFL iBT.

» Assessments: Deluxe Members will be able to submit 12 Speakings and 4 Writings for feedback.

» Access to weekly Online TOEFL Workshops (live online sessions) with one of our TOEFL experts. This is the time to get answers to any questions you have after practicing. You and a small group of people will meet with one of our TOEFL iBT experts online and you’ll be able to ask him/her any and all questions you have. All Online TOEFL Workshops are recorded and uploaded online so that you can view them at a later time at your convenience.

Course Reviews 4.9

Patricia 5.0

My friend suggested me TEed and when I first came to TEed, I had high expectations being No.1 Exam Preparation portal. TEed certainly lived up to those expectations and delivered the best I could get. During my preparations for the TOEFL exams, I couldn't have gotten a score of 115 if it wasn't for TEed and its modules. The online trainers are friendly and always ready to help. I used the mock tests provided by TEed to further practice and enhance my score.

P. James 5.0

I am very happy with the services provided by TEed. I took the TOEFL preparation classes and they helped me get a score of 109. The classes were very engaging and teachers are very helpful .The study material is also very good all in all it was a very good experience. Thank you TEed

Annie Singh 4.9

I am extremely grateful to TEed for the guidance they provided for TOEFL. The TOEFL classes helped me get a grip on all sections of the examination. The mock tests available at TEed played an important role in my preparation. Because of this thorough practice, the TOEFL exam was a cake walk for me. Furthermore, the team at TEed is also very helpful and constantly motivated me through their personal touch. Online TOEFL Classes

Course Outline


- Fact/Detail Questions
- NOT/EXCEPT Questions
- Vocabulary Questions
- Inference Questions
- Rhetorical Function Questions
- Coherence Questions
- Paraphrasing Questions
- Drag 'n Drop Table Completion
- Drag 'n Drop Summary


- Independent Description Task
- Independent Persuasive Task
- Reading and Conversation Integrated Task
- Reading and Lecture Integrated Task
- Conversation Integrated Task
- Lecture Integrated Task


- Main Idea Questions
- Purpose Questions
- Detail Questions
- Speaker's Attitude Questions
- Rhetorical Function Questions
- Drag 'n Drop - Sequencing Questions
- Content Relationship Questions
- Inference Questions


- Reading and Lecture Task
- Independent Expository/Persuasive Task

This Course is useful for

» Student from a non-English speaking country looking to study in an English-speaking university

» Student at an ESL institute looking to raise your TOEFL score to graduate or proceed to the next level of English study

» International student looking to take the TOEFL for certifications or scholarships at English-speaking universities

» Mostly confident people with their English-speaking skills but are looking for a refresher course

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More About TOEFL iBT

Scoring scale for the TOEFL™ iBT Test?

• Scoring is between 0 (Minimum) and 120 (Maximum) with 1-point increment. Four scores are reported on the TOEFL™:
• Reading score reported on a 0-30 score scale.
• Listening score reported on a 0-30 score scale.
• Writing score reported on a 0-30 score scale.
• Speaking score reported on a 0-30 score scale.

Detailed Description of the Test
Section 1: Reading Comprehension
Questions: 36-56
Timing: 60-80 minutes
Testing format: Computerized

The first section of the TOEFL exam is the reading comprehension section, which is used to measure your aptitude to read and understand short passages in written English.
You will be required to answer a number of questions based on the content in each passage. The TOEFL reading section does not test your memory or knowledge of the reading material, it only tests how well you comprehend the words on the page. In other words, you do not need to study for the topics within the TOEFL reading section - you only need to ensure your English is good enough to understand what you are reading so that you will be able to answer the questions correctly.
The reading section of the TOEFL exam contains between 3-4 passages with 12-14 questions per passage, making a total of between 36-56 questions. The test is 60-80 minutes in length. This section includes two main question types: Multiple Choice and Drag & Drop. Test takers answer questions based on information that is stated or implied in each passage.

TIP: Visualize the material as you read it! The best way to comprehend a prompt is to picture what you are reading - this will make it easier to answer the questions correctly when you come to the end of the prompt. Section 2: Listening
Questions: 34-51
Timing: 60-90 minutes
Testing format: Computerized

The TOEFL listening section tests how well you can understand spoken English. You will be tested on both short and long conversations that resemble what you might hear if you were with a group of people in an English-speaking environment.

There are between 6 and 9 total listening passages in this section of the TOEFL exam. The passages are either lectures or conversations.
Lectures - Passages used to resemble a classroom lecture. Each lecture is 3-5 minutes in length and involves either just the professor speaking or a discussion between both the professor and students. There are anywhere from 4-6 lectures in this section followed by 6 questions per passage.
Conversations - Passages used to resemble conversations you might have in an English-speaking environment. There are 2-3 conversations in this section of the exam that last about 3 minutes each and are followed by 5 questions.

TIP: The most important strategy you can utilize during the TOEFL listening section is to TAKE NOTES! This will enable you to go back on what you've heard and more confidently answer the questions after the audio has finished playing.

Question Types
Listening for Comprehension: Examines whether you can comprehend basic information from the passage Listening for Attitude: Tests whether you are able to understand how the speaker feels about the subject matter Listening for Connections: Tests how well you are able to connect different parts of the passage to draw conclusions

Section 3: Speaking
Tasks: 6 speaking exercises
Timing: 20 minutes
Testing format: Computerized
The speaking section of the TOEFL exam measures how well you are able to speak English in an academic environment. For each of the six speaking tasks, you will be required to record yourself speaking in response to a prompt. The speaking section evaluates your delivery, use of language and topic development.
There are a total of six questions in this section. Two of the spoken responses will be independent tasks, while the remaining four will be integrated tasks.
Independent task - There is NO reading or listening involved in this task. Instead you will record your own opinions on a certain subject matter; therefore there is NO wrong answer - you will be scored on how well you can argue your opinion using the correct English. • Integrated task - You will be required to record a response after reading and listening to certain passages. You will have 30 seconds to prepare and 60 seconds to speak after each question. TIP: Choose a side of the argument during your first 15 seconds of brainstorming and identify one or two supporting statements to back up your position. PACE is key! Practice speaking in a slow, deliberate and enunciated manner before the exam. Section 4: Writing
Tasks: Two writing exercises
Timing: 50 minutes
Testing format: Computerized
The writing section is the last section of the TOEFL exam and takes about an hour to complete. This section tests your written ability in order to measure how well you would perform in an English-speaking environment. The writing section is computerized - therefore you will be typing rather than writing with pen and paper.

The writing section includes two parts: an integrated task and an independent task.
Integrated task - You will be required to read a passage and listen to a speaker on the same subject matter; you must then write about that topic. This section takes about 20 minutes. There is no limit to how much students can write, but most average between 150 and 225 words.
TIP: Look for three main points that are related and base your answer around those points.
Independent task - You must take a position on an issue and support it with evidence and reasons. This section takes about 30 minutes and does not require reading or listening. There is no limit to how much students can write, although the average word count is around 300.
TIP: Use examples and reasons to back up your opinion and proof read to ensure your spelling and punctuation is correct! You will not need specific knowledge around any of the writing section topics - these are subject matters that anyone can answer. This section of the exam only tests how well you can write in English.


1. Overview
Become a TOEFL iBT expert. We have created over 100 hours of detailed videos showing you what the test is all about and how to be successful on test day. Know the test inside and out, no surprises. If you know exactly what to expect on test day, you will achieve your highest possible score with confidence.

2. Strategy Master the best strategies for each question type and task. Our strategies have proven results and you will learn them in just 4 weeks. You can watch the videos as many times as you wish during your enrollment period.

3. Practice
Yes, practice, practice, practice. This way you will internalize the strategies, be confident on test day and achieve your highest possible score. Whether you choose to focus your practice on one section, or to take on a complete test,our materials will offer you a realistic test-taking experience that will give you the edge you need on test day. Our materials are challenging, so get ready for a work out!

4. Feedback
Join the weekly live session with your TOEFL tutor. This is the time to answer any questions you have after practicing. We offer various schedules to fit your needs. For the schedule of feedback times, click here. TOEFL Coaching, TOEFL Training

5. Review
You can always review previous weekly material at your own pace. You will have unlimited access to all materials for your entire Test Success enrollment.

6. Succeed
Go get your score!

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