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Course Description Master your Interview Skills and land your Dream Job with this course from TEEd. Whether you are completely new to the job market, re-entering the workforce or looking to advance your career, this Step-by-Step interactive learning will make you practice specific interview techniques crucial to make you stand out for selection. Course Description: Clearing an interview round is the last and the most critical step for getting the job offer. An excellent interview session requires effective preparation, perfect presentation and the right soft skills. This online interview preparation course helps you deliver an error free interview. With its guided learning and instant feedback approach, this programme empowers you with the confidence, self-presentation and the soft skills for doing your best in the interview. This course aims at preparing you for your upcoming job interviews. Comprehensive coverage of topics for all pre-interview, at the interview & post interview stages. Total of 4 sessions of 1 hour each coupled with excellent material target all the aspects of interview preparation. Includes topics covering competency mapping, developing abilities providing strategic fit with the competencies required for the job and preparing for post interview discussions such as compensation package negotiations. Course Syllabus: 1. Building communication skills 2. Developing job role specific CV 3. Drafting appealing cover letter 4. Researching the company 5. Professional grooming 6. Researching the company and the job 7. Developing model answers for all question types 8. Rehearsing for perfecting the answers 9. Developing positive body language and confident postures 10. Handling difficult questions 11. Demonstrating competencies required for the job-role Key Features: instructor led training Live, interactive and one-to-one learning delivered over video call Course Validity of 30 days Detailed preparation of all question types Study material for self practice Improvement in communication skills Learning the techniques to Improve the confidence in facing the interview board/interviewer Interview Preparation Training, Online Interview Preparation Classes TOGAF Online Training

Why this course • There are a plenty of good job openings, yet good opportunities are eluding you • Interview appears to be a major hurdle for you and causes nervousness in you • You find it hard to sell your candidature despite possessing the right qualifications, technical knowledge and experience • You have trouble guessing what the interview wants • Previous rejections have dented your confidence If you agree with one or more of the above, this course is just right for you

This Course is useful for People looking for senior management roles such as Sr Managers/ DGMs/General Managers/VP/CEO/MD/Director etc ? People desirous of stepping into leadership roles ? People desirous of compensation matching their potential ? People desirous of accelerated career advancement

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4 1 Rs. 2/-