Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQs

1. What is TEEdOnline?

TEEdOnlne is a unique learning platform where the courses are very relevant to the students’ needs. Training is delivered when it is most needed by the student. The training content and quality are as per the students’ needs

2. Can I or someone I know become a trainer on TEEdOnline?

The registration helps you explore and undergo various uniquely designed training programmes that could immensely benefit you

3. How will I find Trainers in my area of interest?

Yes, all trainers are certified by us based on an intense screening process. We look for appropriate trainers with adequate training experience and who have been commended for their quality

4. Do I have the option to take online as well as classes in a physical classroom?

Yes, in case you need to, you can do so up to 48 hours prior to your scheduled appointment

5. Does TEEdOnline offer a package plan for taking multiple courses?

You can pay through any online payment mode such as through Credit/Debit cards, net banking etc.

6. When will the training be completed after I have placed the order?

Yes, different courses have different minimum number of sessions

7. Can I get training from a different trainer for the same course if I am not satisfied my trainer? to request a change in the trainer. Some charges may apply for making available another trainer

8. Whom should I contact if I have a question or an issue with the training? for all your feedback. We shall promptly address your concern.


Trainer FAQs

1. Why should I register as a Trainer?

Prior experience or a certification will serve as a testimony to the quality your trainee can expect from you. In case you lack the requisite experience or certification you can apply for TEEd certification at You shall receive your training fee within 3 working days of the completion of the training(s)

2. What costs can I expect to incur?

Yes, you can do so after submitting the desired documents to TEEdOnline

3. How will I provide the training sessions?

You have the option to select your own work schedule

4. Will you help me getting my certification?

Please fill out the online registration form available on the homepage for Trainer’s login

5. Is there a registration fee?

Yes, there is a registration fee which that varies from course to course