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Course Description Do you want to speak better English? This course will help you reach that goal, TEEdOnline offers Online spoken English courses for students, job seekers, homemakers and professionals.

Learn Spoken English Online

We offer English courses for adults that are both high quality and affordable. Our classes are focused on giving you what you need most – real world English skills. This course will help you to get ahead in your career, excel in your studies and be confident in social situations. Our courses are made so that you can start learning useful skills immediately, wherever your current English skills happen to be. TEEdOnline provides online Spoken English courses and programs - Learn Spoken English Online, Spoken English Classes Online, Spoken English Online Course, online Spoken English lessons, Spoken English Language Courses Improve your Spoken English Skills with us.

Why this course Our Classes are designed with flexibility in mind, for students who are unable to commit to a strict learning schedule e.g. frequent flyers or busy corporate clients. You will be assigned dedicated trainers who will help to plan and keep track of the learning schedules, and classes. In this course participants will • Improve spoken or written communication skills through a range of common themes • Put new skills into action instantly through realistic communicative activities. • Recognise and understand the use of phonemic symbols • Use the vowel sounds of English in speech • Use the consonant sounds of English in speech • Understand and use word and sentence stress • Speak clearly and naturally so that they can be understood by others • Understand and use intonation patterns in speech • Understand and use connected speech, linking and elision • Use appropriate register, conventions of politeness and degrees of formality • Speak with greater confidence in English in front of others • Identify some of your errors and work at correcting them.

This Course is useful for Senior Managers, Managers, Executives, MBA/Engineering Students, School/College Teachers, and Trainers

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10 1 Rs. 500/-