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Course Description Do you wish to write with clarity and certainty in order to gain credibility and achieve the results you desire from co-workers, employers or clients? This course aims to improve students’ English proficiency and meet each student’s needs in the business context. Thus, at the end of it, students will be expected to be able to write memos, job applications, e-mails and reports. After this course, students will be able to handle situations within the business-context better, communicate well with business partners and thus, be assured of good opportunities of improvement at work. This comprehensive workshop provides you with a basic understanding of modern business writing enabling you to write all types of documents more effectively and professionally. Through analysis, case studies and hands-on activities, you will learn how to plan, write and edit a variety of documents.

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Why this course Anyone who wants to learn the fundamentals of modern business writing. Whether you are in business or a student of business, this course will greatly improve your ability to communicate your thoughts in English in business writing through emails and report writing. This course is suitable for managers and executives who need to present themselves effectively. Geared towards well-rounded written communication for the workplace, this simple course covers Cultural Diversity and Social Skills. In this course participants will • Gain a better understanding of common spelling & grammar issues in business writing • Review basic concepts in sentence & paragraph construction • Learn to use email professionally & effectively • Learn how agendas, email messages, business letters, business proposals, & business reports are structured in a professional environment • Master techniques for improved proofreading skills • Learn how peer reviews can help improve business writing skills • Learn guidelines for printing & publishing business writing • Gain valuable insight into international etiquette

This Course is useful for Senior Managers, Managers, Executives, MBA/Engineering Students, School/College Teachers, and Trainers

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Total Session Duration Per Session Price Per Session
10 1 Rs. 600/-