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Course Description Good telephone and email writing skills & etiquette go beyond just sounding good and using the right words. After all both ‘what you say’ and ‘how you say it’ build the professional image of an organisation. This course encompasses good listening and writing techniques, asking appropriate questions and developing basic telephone & email etiquette skills. This workshop will also benefit anyone who is keen on projecting a professional image at the workplace. In this course, you will learn the techniques, format and delivery in writing better emails and letters. You will also learn to balance your own and your reader’s needs, organise your thoughts clearly and express yourself in a modern business style. TEEdOnline Provides Best Telephone Etiquettes Training, Online Telephone Etiquettes Classes, Online Telephone Etiquettes Course, Telephone Etiquettes Coaching

Why this course This course is suitable for managers and executives who need to present themselves effectively. In this course participants will • Learn how to provide effective client service over the phone • Project a professional image over the phone • Master a professional, effective & reassuring telephone voice • Gain client's trust using proven communication techniques • Learn to question effectively over the phone • Master proven techniques to manage irate customers professionally • Learn tips for handling a busy reception • Phrase more effectively for positive and clearer communication Establish the right words for unambiguous, positive & productive communication

This Course is useful for Senior Managers, Managers, Executives, MBA/Engineering Students, School/College Teachers, and Trainers

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Total Session Duration Per Session Price Per Session
10 1 Rs. 500/-